Long term volunteers are those who come for longer than three months, and often end up staying for at least a year or longer. They give up living near family in order to be able to serve the people in Romania, they sacrifice the comforts of home to be in a foreign country because God has called them here. Their commitment is what keeps Firm Foundations Romania running.

Just as important as our long term volunteers are the short term volunteers who come from ten days to three months. Having these volunteers provide us the manpower to have two shifts per day, and gives enough arms to hold the babies who need it most. Short term volunteers often use their vacation time to come to Romania to make a difference, and we are so thankful for these people.

In 2016 we had over 70 short term volunteers join our team, 20 of these were returning volunteers who had worked with Firm Foundations Romania before. We always love seeing familiar faces and welcoming returning volunteers back to the team. In the past two months we have had eight returning volunteers! What a blessing for us and for the babies!

What about you? Will you come join our volunteer team in 2018?