An old soba after years of use…

A new soba, sponsored for a family in need.

Today we are thankful for the hearts of people who give when there is a need. Two of our Kids Club families and two of our After School Program families have received new sobas this winter! A soba is a wood burning oven that has a stove top used for cooking while also providing a strong source of heat for the house. During very cold winters in Romania, a good soba is a necessity for surviving and staying warm and healthy.

It was a joy to see the families picking up their new sobas from the store in the nearby village with their horse and carriage. Then, to see those sobas installed and used in their houses, with the kids clothes that we gave them drying above the heat while proud content kids stand nearby, is the best part. Please keep these families in your prayers and especially these precious children. With prayer, God’s help and the love of our staff and volunteers, these kids can do anything!