Visionary Aid

Being in the hospital, taking care of the abandoned and semi-abandoned children, is one of the most rewarding things we get to do as volunteers. But we often wonder, is it enough? The children that are left in the hospital are at high risk of underdevelopment, in several ways.

We try to combat many of these development issues through touch and love but most recently, thanks to volunteer Heather Zorzi, we are able to provide a little something more. By using mobiles and books containing certain colors and shapes we are able to give these babies some visual stimulation that will go a long way towards growth and development!

Most recently the President of FFR, Sarah Berchtold, said: “I recently did a shift and I was amazed to see how much these [visual aids] are helping the kids.”

Having volunteers from all walks of life come to the hospital is such an encouraging and educating experience as we are able to welcome new ideas and perspectives into our program. Visual aids are such a small thing but they carry so many benefits in the long run!

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