Spending Time with Teen Mums and Babies

Our Teen Mums’ programme began on 18th October, and through a trial and error approach and lots of prayer, is growing and forming and flourishing.

So far…

  • We’ve had 6 young Mums attend, 5 regularly, with 7 children between them…and more on the way!
  • We’ve had 8 sessions, including a Christmas Party.
  • We’ve learnt about Abraham, Esther, the birth of Jesus, Noah, Psalm 139, and Creation, keeping our keys themes as ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ and ‘God has a great plan for our lives, you are important to God.’ It has been so encouraging to see how engaged and inspired the Mums have been by these messages so far.
  • We’ve made bracelets, photo frames, Christmas baubles, handprint pictures and more! The girls have loved making the crafts so much they sometimes don’t want to leave.
  • We’ve eaten countless biscuit and banana snacks and drank a lot of tea, even the babies.
  • We’ve celebrated 3 birthdays.
  • We’ve had conversations about relationships, baby care, and baby health.
  • We’ve seen and charted baby weight growth with our baby scales.
  • We’ve learnt 4 new songs.
  • And we’ve only had 2 tantrums, 3 stinky nappies and no broken toys!

For the new year, we have many exciting plans including: giving each girl a scrapbook so she can record her and baby’s time with us, sharing more Bible stories building on the theme of God caring for us, and having ‘guest speakers’ (volunteers who are also nurses/Mums) come and share what they know about breastfeeding, baby hygiene and more!

It has honestly been a joy and such a privilege, with the lovely Lidia and Steffi alongside me, to get to know these young Mums and babies and to see how much they’re already starting to grow and feel encouraged. I’m so excited to see what more God has in store for us this next year.

Please continue to pray for relationships to grow, for the girls to feel strengthened and empowered in the love God has for them, and for God’s wisdom for us in leading, planning and in reaching out and meeting the needs of these precious Mums and babies.

~Written by Sarah Peters, Teen Mums Project Manager

Bonding, Building & Pizza

Having the teenagers from our Teen Mentor Program living in Brasov is a great opportunity to get to know them on a deeper level, to develop individual friendships with them and to expose them to new cultures and new people – and vice versa!

That’s why, once a month, our FFR Interns plan a dinner night with the teens, inviting volunteers to join as well! On top of the relationship building aspect, it’s a great way for the girls to practice their English.

September marked the first “Dinner Night” – pizza was ordered, team building games were played and fun was had! It was really neat to see our teens bond with their flatmates and our volunteers. We’re already looking forward to the next one!

Meet Our New Teens!

Autumn is in the air! And with the change of season comes a new school year full of possibilities. We hope that the teen girls that have joined our High School Mentorship program this year will reach their goals and taste the sweetness of brand new experiences. These girls have moved out of their homes in Budila into our second teen apartment (we are so blessed to need more space). We ask that you pray for these girls, their studies, their relationships with each other and their personal relationship with Jesus. Pray that they would be undaunted during this new adventure!


Diana Denisa Burmaru
Diana is 15 years old and has just started 9th grade, studying culinary arts. She loves to cook and one day would like to be the chef at her own restaurant.

Denisa Florea
Denisa is also 15 years old and has just started the 9th grade, studying culinary arts, as well. She and Diana go to the same school and have the same dream of owning their own restaurant. They encourage each other and are close friends, even sharing the same room in the teen apartment!

Rebeca Denisa Lingurar
Rebeca is 15 years old and just started 9th grade. She is studying electromechanics at the moment, but hopes to one day become a secretary and a make-up artist.


Rebeicca Marias
Rebeicca is 15 years old and just started 9th grade. She is studying to become a hair dresser and one day she hopes to be the principal hair dresser in her own salon.


Izabela Brumar
Izabela is 15 years old and has just started 9th grade. She is studying social studies and hopes to one day become a police officer. We ask that you keep Izabela and her dream in your prayers as her family does not want her to pursue that line of work.

Estera Constantin
This is a face many of you may recognize! Estera is 19years old and has just started 11th grade, studying fashion. In her free time she loves to do
different hair styles. Estera has a gift for both fashion and hair and one day she hopes to be qualified in clothing design and hair dressing so that she can run her own business.

From Mentee to Mentor

If you’ve followed Firm Foundations Romania for any length of time you will know who Andreea is. For those just joining us, Andreea was the first person to go through our teenage mentorship program and was one of the first in her village to graduate high school. She is now attending university in the hopes of becoming a social worker, specifically so that she can help the people in Budila and similar villages.

We are extremely grateful for Andreea and we are so proud of the woman that she is becoming. She loves the Lord and she has taken such wonderful strides in her relationship with Jesus. The fact that she seeks Him above all else is further proof to us that God has his hand over Firm Foundations Romania.

With the teenage program growing rapidly we have had to expand to two separate apartments for the girls and we are very happy to announce that Andreea will be the new “den mother” to four of our teens who are attending high school in Brasov.

We have every confidence in Andreea as she takes on this new role and we know that the girls she will be mentoring already look up to her as a role model.

We thank God for the continued success of all of our programs and we humbly ask for your prayers for these young women!

English Camp

Juliana, Andrei & Lyndsey

For one week in July we were so fortunate to have Lyndsey Marcu come to Budila to run an English Camp for our teens. Lyndsey hails from Northern Ireland but currently lives in Hungary with her husband, Simon. In Hungary she is a teacher and during her summer break she travels all across Eastern Europe, holding camps for at-risk youth.

Lyndsey’s camps promote teamwork, good social skills, manners and sharing. The kids are encouraged to participate in reciting verses, playing games and singing songs. Teams are created the first day of camp (with each team picking their own name!), giving the kids incentive to work hard for points. Additional incentive is the “Star of the Day” certificate that is presented to one boy and one girl every day of the week for exceptional hard work and a willingness to work with others.

Close to 40 teens attended the camp and we feel so blessed. This is the second year that Lyndsey has come to work with our teens and we are grateful for her! We also want to send a huge thank you Juliana Timofte and Andrei Pintilie for volunteering their time and energy to this camp.

Thank you Lyndsey! We hope to see you again next summer…

English Camp 2015 Theme Verse:
Let us run the race that lies before us. 
Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.
Hebrews 12:1-2