Looking for a change in 2018?

Are you looking for something new this year? Have you ever considered volunteering with FFR long term? We would love to have you join our team! In addition to hospital shifts, there is also opportunity to assist with Kids Club, After School Program, Teen Mums, sorting and organizing donations, welcoming short term volunteers, and a […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Firm Foundations Romania! We are so thankful for all God has done for and through us in 2017, and are looking forward in expectation to what He has in store for 2018. Read more

FFR Christmas celebrations in Budila

Thank you to everyone who helped make Christmas extra special for these precious kids and young moms!

Christmas tree lighting in Brasov


It’s the start of one of our most favorite times of the year here in Brasov, Romania! Read more

Living James 1:27 – Orphan Sunday, November 13: How to Help Orphans Around the World

This year the theme of the Alliance for Romania Without Orphans conference was ‘infinitely more.’  Two of our volunteers attended the conference, which focused on the verse James 1:27, ‘Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.’

While not everyone is called to foster or adopt, the aim of the conference was to discuss adoption and fostering in Romania and how it can be encouraged. The best option for a child is to be raised in a family, not an institution, no matter how small the institution is. The conference included social workers, foster carers, adoptive parents, members of NGOs, church leaders, political figures and experts in the areas of supporting children who’ve experienced trauma.

It was very encouraging to hear how progress is being made across Romania, such as a new law being implemented reducing the time a child is in the system before they are adopted and plans to build up more creative profiles for the children placed for adoption who are recognized as hard to place. There is also evidence of various adoptions arising as a result of the conference and the alliance raising awareness across the country. However, there are still many areas to that can be improved including: ensuring legislation is implemented properly, increasing the number of people with specialist expertise in the field, and creating a plan for children abandoned in hospitals with no identity.

A big part of the discussion was the role of the church in this. In Romania, as well as worldwide. It was commented that if every church in Romania adopted 2 children, there would be no more orphans in Romania. Ideas were shared about how members of a church can be involved in adopting a child, whether it be helping to make dinners for a family who have adopted, offering to babysit for the family or offering financial support to the family, or simply sharing more information about adoption in the church. And also how churches can support NGOs, and vice versa with NGOs offering expertise and churches offering nurture to children and families.

The parting message of the conference was how we can all do exceedingly, abundantly more than we can imagine according to His power in us.

Would you consider how you can support adoption and fostering? This Sunday is Orphan Sunday across many areas across the world, including Romania. Can you help us share this?


~ Written by Sarah Peters

Mozart and Beethoven being played to support a good cause!

FFR is hosting a Benefit Concert in Brasov, Romania, on December 2nd. World renowned pianist Eduard Kunz will be sharing his talents in an effort to help raise funds for Firm Foundations Romania. Local artists will have their artwork displayed and available for sale. Proceeds from the ticket and art sales will be used to benefit the children in Romania through FFR’s projects. Please join us for this special! For more information or to inquiry about purchasing tickets, contact We hope to see you there!



Highlights of a Successful Musical Evening!

On Friday night, Texas folk enjoyed an evening of music from Sarah Vienna and Dallas String Quartet. FFR’s first Benefit Concert was a huge success! We are thankful for those who helped and participated, along with those who came to the concert and donated. We know not everyone could attend so please enjoy some highlights of the event.

If you are interested in hosting a concert in your area, please let us know!

Not just another bus ride!

The other day I set off to the disabled children’s orphanage about 45 minutes from Brasov. It was the time of day where you have to pack into the bus like a tin of sardines. As I barely made it on with the door almost not being able to close, I felt some sort of relief when the driver continued on the route. As we were all squished, shoulder to shoulder, and me being crammed next to the door it didn’t register in my head to stamp my bus ticket into the old machine. You have to get the ticket outside of the bus, which I did, but then you have to stamp the ticket to validate it once inside the bus, which I forgot to do. After getting off and on over and over again to let people get off at their stops, I was only about a minute from my destination. And then…one of the bus patrol/stamp checkers came by and asked for my ticket to check if it was stamped, which never happens. Nevertheless, I pulled my ticket out of my pocket, handed it to him but then realized one side had yesterday’s date and the other side wasn’t stamped.


As the man was trying to communicate to me that I was in trouble, i was trying to explain to him that I spoke English and didn’t understand, which led to him asking for my passport. I gave him my visa and then he realized I was American. After we were able to communicate with each other (a lot of signing hand motions) he was telling me that I was going to be fined 60 lei (about $15) now (if i could pay on the spot) or if I couldn’t pay now, then anytime after would be 500 lei (about $125). I explained how sorry I was, that it was just so packed, that I simply just forgot within the chaos and that I only had 20 lei on me that I could give him. We went back and forth for about 20 minutes until he finally looked at me, gave me my unstamped ticket back, grabbed my hand and said in perfect English, “You know, you’d make a very good wife for me.”

Moral of the story:

Stamp your ticket or risk having to pay a pretty big fine… or receive a marriage proposal!


Written by Izzy Hathaway (who did not accept the marriage proposal, nor did she have to pay the fine!)