FFR’s International Language Lesson

English is a universal language; but after years of working with volunteers, we’ve learned that some words are not as universal. One example we run into in the hospital is that in America babies wear diapers, but in England babies wear nappies. Steffi, our German, decided to quiz Australia, England, and America to help us all learn a few more words and become more universal in the English language!

A British “Ambassador” Supports FFR

Melanie Gray has made numerous trips to Romania in the past few years to volunteer with FFR. She has a passion and a heart for the children, and she wants to share more about what FFR is doing so she has organized for Sarah Vienna to present at her church’s Women Breakfast. In Melanie’s own words, here is a description of the event:

An invitation if you want to find out more about the beautiful country of Romania, what motivates me and many others to volunteer and, most importantly, what it is like to be a disadvantaged child in Romania today. Sarah Vienna has been living and working in Romania for over 12 years leading Firm Foundations Romania and she will be in my church – Guildford Baptist, Millmead – on Saturday March 18th from 9.45 – 12 noon talking about her work and her music. You are all very welcome.

If you need any more information, please contact us at and we can put you in touch with Melanie. We hope that you will spread the word to anyone who is in the area and we look forward to seeing you all there!

After School Program Singing Time

During the After School Program, singing is one of the favorite activities for both the kids and adults. If given the choice, the kids would sing for the entire two hours! Read more

Bonding, Building & Pizza

Having the teenagers from our Teen Mentor Program living in Brasov is a great opportunity to get to know them on a deeper level, to develop individual friendships with them and to expose them to new cultures and new people – and vice versa!

That’s why, once a month, our FFR Interns plan a dinner night with the teens, inviting volunteers to join as well! On top of the relationship building aspect, it’s a great way for the girls to practice their English.

September marked the first “Dinner Night” – pizza was ordered, team building games were played and fun was had! It was really neat to see our teens bond with their flatmates and our volunteers. We’re already looking forward to the next one!

English Camp

Juliana, Andrei & Lyndsey

For one week in July we were so fortunate to have Lyndsey Marcu come to Budila to run an English Camp for our teens. Lyndsey hails from Northern Ireland but currently lives in Hungary with her husband, Simon. In Hungary she is a teacher and during her summer break she travels all across Eastern Europe, holding camps for at-risk youth.

Lyndsey’s camps promote teamwork, good social skills, manners and sharing. The kids are encouraged to participate in reciting verses, playing games and singing songs. Teams are created the first day of camp (with each team picking their own name!), giving the kids incentive to work hard for points. Additional incentive is the “Star of the Day” certificate that is presented to one boy and one girl every day of the week for exceptional hard work and a willingness to work with others.

Close to 40 teens attended the camp and we feel so blessed. This is the second year that Lyndsey has come to work with our teens and we are grateful for her! We also want to send a huge thank you Juliana Timofte and Andrei Pintilie for volunteering their time and energy to this camp.

Thank you Lyndsey! We hope to see you again next summer…

English Camp 2015 Theme Verse:
Let us run the race that lies before us. 
Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.
Hebrews 12:1-2