Interview With The Goodness Chick

Erin Lawler Patterson, Goodness Chick, is a parenting coach for those raising pre-teens and teens chatting about mental health, drug trends and strategies to strengthen your teen and your relationship with them. Erin is an author, high school addictions counselor, motivational speaker, mom and world traveler.

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Celebrating Another Year of Kids Club and After School

Every year at the end of school, we hold a graduation for our students as a way to celebrate them as they move on to the next step. We had 130 students in grade 0-7 in After School and 11 preschoolers in Kid’s Club, and we are so proud of each and every one of […]

Another Year of Teen Mums Comes to a Close

This year with our young Mums in Budila, we have spent time reflecting on God’s love, the Fruit of the Spirit, and young characters in the Bible God used to achieve big things for His Kingdom. We’ve celebrated birthdays, had some pampering, visited their homes, and had more visits from the head nurse and social […]

Volunteer interview – David and Hazel Martin

We love hearing the stories and experiences of our volunteers who come from all over the world to love and help the babies and children in Romania. David and Hazel Martin have been helping with our After School Program, and we asked them to share a little about how they came to Romania and the […]

FFR Christmas celebrations in Budila

Thank you to everyone who helped make Christmas extra special for these precious kids and young moms!

“Joy, Joy, Joy Down in our Hearts” for our Graduates!

The end of the school year is an exciting time with our annual graduation ceremony! The After School Program had 130 children graduate into the next school year. Each class, along with the Kid’s Club kids and the Teen Mums, performed a song or a skit. What a wonderful year for our students and teachers. Congratulations to each and every one of you. We sing proudly that we have the “joy, joy, joy, joy down in our hearts!”


New Kids On The Block

Last week, we introduced you to our teens. This week we’re giving you a glimpse of Kid’s Club! Seeing their faces light up when we pull up to the schoolhouse, when they learn a new song, or when they get to play with a plethora of toys is such a joy. There are some familiar faces and some new ones, but either way we feel so blessed to have a group of kids that are excited to come learn about Jesus and sing His praises!

Meet Our New Teens!

Autumn is in the air! And with the change of season comes a new school year full of possibilities. We hope that the teen girls that have joined our High School Mentorship program this year will reach their goals and taste the sweetness of brand new experiences. These girls have moved out of their homes in Budila into our second teen apartment (we are so blessed to need more space). We ask that you pray for these girls, their studies, their relationships with each other and their personal relationship with Jesus. Pray that they would be undaunted during this new adventure!


Diana Denisa Burmaru
Diana is 15 years old and has just started 9th grade, studying culinary arts. She loves to cook and one day would like to be the chef at her own restaurant.

Denisa Florea
Denisa is also 15 years old and has just started the 9th grade, studying culinary arts, as well. She and Diana go to the same school and have the same dream of owning their own restaurant. They encourage each other and are close friends, even sharing the same room in the teen apartment!

Rebeca Denisa Lingurar
Rebeca is 15 years old and just started 9th grade. She is studying electromechanics at the moment, but hopes to one day become a secretary and a make-up artist.


Rebeicca Marias
Rebeicca is 15 years old and just started 9th grade. She is studying to become a hair dresser and one day she hopes to be the principal hair dresser in her own salon.


Izabela Brumar
Izabela is 15 years old and has just started 9th grade. She is studying social studies and hopes to one day become a police officer. We ask that you keep Izabela and her dream in your prayers as her family does not want her to pursue that line of work.

Estera Constantin
This is a face many of you may recognize! Estera is 19years old and has just started 11th grade, studying fashion. In her free time she loves to do
different hair styles. Estera has a gift for both fashion and hair and one day she hopes to be qualified in clothing design and hair dressing so that she can run her own business.

From Mentee to Mentor

If you’ve followed Firm Foundations Romania for any length of time you will know who Andreea is. For those just joining us, Andreea was the first person to go through our teenage mentorship program and was one of the first in her village to graduate high school. She is now attending university in the hopes of becoming a social worker, specifically so that she can help the people in Budila and similar villages.

We are extremely grateful for Andreea and we are so proud of the woman that she is becoming. She loves the Lord and she has taken such wonderful strides in her relationship with Jesus. The fact that she seeks Him above all else is further proof to us that God has his hand over Firm Foundations Romania.

With the teenage program growing rapidly we have had to expand to two separate apartments for the girls and we are very happy to announce that Andreea will be the new “den mother” to four of our teens who are attending high school in Brasov.

We have every confidence in Andreea as she takes on this new role and we know that the girls she will be mentoring already look up to her as a role model.

We thank God for the continued success of all of our programs and we humbly ask for your prayers for these young women!

Idaho Visits Romania

FFR is so thankful to the team from Calvary Chapel Treasure Valley for all of the time they spent working with us in our different projects!

The team began their week by running a VBS for almost 40 of our 1st – 4th grade kids! They sang songs, taught Bible lessons, played games, face painted and did crafts with the kids. Everyone had a great time!

Then the men of the team worked together to lay some cement on the outside of a home in the Roma village where we work. The foundation of the home was dirt and rats were digging their way into the home and biting the kids at night. The family had already poured cement on the inside of the home but did not have enough materials to finish the job. FFR was able to purchase the remaining materials and this amazing group of men helped to pour cement on the outside of the home to be sure that the kids would be safe.

The next day the men helped with painting an apartment and putting beds together to get ready for our first set of FFR Interns who will be arriving in August!

While the men were hard at work, the ladies in the group volunteered their time holding babies and playing with the kids in our Hospital Program.

We were so blessed that the team took time out of the other ministry work they were doing in Romania to work with us! And we thank Nicu and Silvana Hagiu for connecting us and setting everything up!