Artist Pauline Johansson from Sweden

After a morning of school, the children enter our building for the After School Program. Little hands touch the walls as the kids climb the stairs. This year, however, when they turn the corner, the children will walk into storybook pictures… farm scenes, the solar system, and a city skyline! Thanks to Pauline Johansson with the help of the After School team and some volunteers, the whites walls have been transformed into colorful, bright scenes. Working diligently for two weeks, the painters finished just in time for the children come on Monday. We so appreciate Pauline coming all the way from Sweden to do this project and for her church that donated to cover the painting costs. We are amazed at how talented she is; we just wish she could be here Monday to see the awe and wonder that will surely fill the kids’ faces. We are so thankful for everyone who helped make this possible!