Two very exciting things happened at the orphanage in May and June!

In May, we organized a scrub drive in order to give each nurse a new cute scrub top. The scrubs they normally wear are very plain and some nurses do not have any at all. In Europe, it’s very difficult to purchase printed or colorful scrub tops. Over a few weeks we had each nurse (about 36 in total) sign up on a list with their names and sizes. We then went through all the tops we have that past volunteers have left after volunteering, and we asked various volunteers who were coming from the states to bring the sizes that we still needed. For Romanian Easter (Paste Fericit) we presented a scrub top to each nurse. They were ecstatic!!! It’s been weeks and we’re still receiving “thank yous” and the staff is still telling us how beautiful the tops are.

In June, we organized a staff pizza party. We’ve been connecting with the nurses more and more and this month we wanted to share a meal together. We’re thankful to have the opportunity to come in Monday through Friday to love and spend time with the handicapped orphans that we’ve been blessed to get to know. We want to get to know the staff as well and to show them our appreciation in the best way possible…with pizza! I mean, who doesn’t like pizza? The staff on the shift loved it and we had a fantastic afternoon eating and trying to communicate with each other. The language barrier is always difficult but we got a few conversations and laughs out of it!

We plan to continue with things like this at the orphanage because it not only blesses the staff at the center but it blesses us at FFR to give. As we continue sending volunteers, we want each nurse to be familiar with us and to know we appreciate them just as much as they appreciate us.

~Izzy Hathaway