Andreea Mondoc recently had the opportunity to go to a conference in Bucharest about tinerii romi între stereotipuri și prejudecăți (“young Roma between stereotypes and prejudices”), and we asked her to share about her experience while there. We’ve watched her grow up and now she is assisting in our projects and we are so thankful to have her part of our team.

“In first day we had formal information with some guest from Romanian government, they are gypsy too.

They told us about scholarships for Roma students, what opportunities we have if we want to volunteer for Partida Romilor, a little bit from their experience working with Roma people.  But also they encouraged us to work with „our kids” and to invest in their lives.

In second day was more practic because we did 2 social experiments outside.

We were in a busy area, wearing gypsy clothes we did 2 rows and we let people pass in the middle . We just want to see their reactions, if they come to pass… some came and we applauded them.

The second one was in AFI palace in a big mall. We were like 70 people and we were in pairs and everyone chose their place to go ( pharmacy, Auchan, library, coffee place, jewelry store, etc.). We were asking for the most expensive thing to give us to try it or we read a book or simply shopping…  for me and my partner was very good we were not discriminated or strange behavior. Just one guy was looking at me very insistent while I was reading a book.

But nobody felt the discrimination.  Which is a good thing.”

~Andreea Mondoc