Presenting a New Social Worker in Romania…

What an exciting summer it has been with graduations. We have one more congratulations to give: Andreea Mondoc has graduated from college and is now a certified Social Worker. Andreea is our first college graduate and we couldn’t be more proud of her. Sarah and Steffi have known Andreea since she was nine years old. We have watched her grow up and had the opportunity to assist her in completing high school and then college. We know Andreea is going to do great things in her life and make a huge impact in Romania! Congratulations Andreea!


Another exciting thing that happened last week was that we were once again featured in the Romanian news. BrasovTV interviewed Sarah, Steffi, and Estera (one of the teenagers in our program) and shared about the projects that FFR is doing in the Brasov community. This is a great way for more Romanians to learn about our organization and to get involved.

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