Preschool Joys!

This past Tuesday our Schoolhouse in Budila opened up again to start a new school year for our Kids Club children. Kids Club is a preschool-type program for kids between the ages of 4-6, teaching them Bible stories, manners, hygiene lessons, and of course giving them time to play and have fun. Eight kids attended this first time, regardless of it being rainy and cold outside, and the program started! We are happy to say that new kids have joined the group and Silvana Hagiu, who is also the ASP manager, is now leading Kids Club with the returning help of Steffi and Katie.
It was wonderful to start again and the kids were excited to play, sing, practice their new Bible verses and listen to the story. Please keep this project in your prayers. Pray for the current and future children, that the right ones will join the program and their hearts will be touched, and for the team running the program.


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