I was always that person who gave money to missions, prayed for missionaries and encouraged others to go on missions.  I always said, “Some people are called to go but I am called to hold down the fort”.  This all changed about five years ago when I met a sweet woman from England.  She told me the heart-wrenching story of how she and her husband adopted their daughter from Romania.  From that day forward, I couldn’t shake the desire to go to Romania and share the love and joy of Jesus with the children of Romania.

Fast forward to October 13, 2017.  I boarded a plane headed to do just that. I had prayed and prepared for this.  I had a wonderful team leader and the best team of ladies to share this experience.  I can truly say that I felt such joy and purpose holding, singing and playing with the babies in the hospital.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and taught a Bible lesson to school age children in the afterschool program. My heart bursts with love for these children.

The work that Firm Foundations Romania is doing is truly amazing.  I saw first-hand, a success story from the afterschool program.  A young Roma woman who not only finished high school, but went on to graduate from college with a Social work degree.  She is now serving Roma children.  I saw over worked nurses brought to tears from a simple thank you card and some burnt cookies.  I saw the hands and feet of Jesus in action and I will never be the same.  The precious faces of those I met will forever be etched in my heart.

The prayers and preparation were awesome, but I was not prepared for the tug on my heart to go back.  I felt the Lord call me to a deeper level of involvement.  I would love to go back for a little longer trip and bring my husband.  I don’t know what that looks like yet, but I am excited.  Thank you, Lord for this amazing opportunity.

~ Anita Walton