Through our work in the Brasov Children’s Hospital, we have the opportunity to care for and love many babies and children. Some we know well and have watched them grow up back and forth between their home and the hospital since shortly after birth, and others are only in for a few days here and there whenever they are sick and their mother in unable to stay with them. Some of them come from loving homes, and some from abusive homes. Some of the parents visit as often as they can, others leave their child for weeks or months without ever showing much interest. Whatever their story, wherever they come from, and however short or long their stay in the hospital, our job remains the same: to love them. And what a difference that love makes! To see their cries turn to laughter and to turn a room full of sadness into joy never gets old for us.

One baby boy was recently in for a long while due to sickness and family issues. How heartbreaking to see him stuck there day after day and week after week. He went through some weeks when he barely responded or smiled at all. Can you imagine being a little baby stuck in a hospital bed for that long? We are so thankful that we were able to be with him almost every day during that time and to give him the love and cuddles that he so desperately needed. He was so loved by all of us, our volunteers, and the hospital staff in his ward! He became more responsive again, and his sweet smile and laughter will stay with all of us who loved him. How different his little life would have been without that love during all those months. If he hadn’t been so loved and had something to smile and giggle over? Sometimes the time we spend with these babies seems too short, especially when there are so many of them and so few of us to go around. But looking at this baby boy and so many others like him, we see the difference that love makes, even if the time is short some days. This sweet baby went home recently, and we are so happy for him! Our hearts will ache because we loved him so much and will miss seeing his smile and hearing his laughter every day, but our hearts are also so full of joy that he will be loved and cared for all day, every day! Please pray with us for this sweet boy, that he will continue to grow strong and healthy, and for his family that they will give him the love and care he needs.

What a privilege to be with these little ones and bring some joy and comfort while they are in the hospital. We are so thankful for all of our volunteers who join us in loving these little ones, and for each and every one of our supporters. Your financial donations help make life a better place for the babies and children in the hospital. Thank you!