Last week we embarked on a new experiment for our Kids Club children. What is more than normal for any other child was a first time experience for all the children in the program…not a single child in Kids Club has ever eaten pizza before in their lives! The families in the village heat their houses and cook their food on a fire burning “soba.” They use wood to provide heat and to provide a flame for the stove top. They do not have appliance to use for an oven, so there cooking choices are more limited.

The kids showed up to the program very excited! While they have heard of the word “pizza,” the children had no idea what it actually was, how to make one, or what it would look or taste like. What a special time watching them make their individual pizzas. Like most kids, they of course loved eating the pizza just as much as making it.

We then projected a movie which brought much joy and laughter. We are so privileged to work with these kids and have the opportunity to introduce new things into their lives.