This past week we were visited by Izidor Ruckel and his father Danny Ruckel. Izidor was a Romanian orphan, living in a handicapped orphanage for the first eleven years of his life. When communism fell in Romania, the doors opened for adoptions to take place and Izidor was adopted by an American couple. He was raised in California but has recently returned to Romania as an advocate for Romanian adoptions. He is well known for his efforts in raising awareness, both through a written biography and a documentary. Just this week he was interviewed on a television program advocating on behalf of handicapped orphans.

His adoptive father Danny, who had previously attended a Sarah Vienna concert and heard about Firm Foundations Romania, came to visit Izidor in Romania this week. Danny requested to stop in Brasov in order to learn more and witness first hand the work being by FFR. We had the opportunity to show them our After School Program, and they were able to meet and speak with the children. It was great to meet two people so passionate about seeing laws changed in Romania to help children in need. We pray that Izidor will have many more opportunities to speak for these children and make people aware of the situation. For more information on Izidor’s story or to order his book, please visit his website: