Katie Greiner spent the last six years volunteering with Firm Foundations Romania and she has now returned to Minnesota. We want to thank her for years of service to the Romanian people and for being a close friend and coworker to all of our long and short term volunteers. Katie has acquired many name during her time in Romania, including Doamna Katie, Miss Katie, Tanti Cati, Head Supervisor, donation organizer, and the girl from upstairs with the crazy cat.

After years of praying about coming to Romania, Katie came to Brasov for a short term trip and fell in love with the babies, children and the need. She returned again for however long God would want her to stay.

Katie spent hours holding and loving the babies in the hospital, sorting donations, organizing and making up bundles and boxes for families in need. She had ‘her families’ who knew they could count on her any time they needed something. She also helped in the Kids Club and After School Program team twice a week and loved the children and families in Budila.

In March, Katie left Romania to move back to America. But she already has her ticket to return for a visit in October. Katie and her cat Minnie made history in FFR. We will miss her, but we know Katie is following God’s calling in her life and we are so blessed to have had her volunteer in Romania for so long.

Katie was sent home with albums of pictures and notes written to her from past and current FFR volunteers. Here are a few excerpts of the sweet messages that were written to her, which she the impact that Katie had:

  • I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for you to leave after 6 years in Romania. Your love for the people and this country has touched so many lives and I know you will be missed by lots of children, families and friends.
  • I’m so happy it all worked out as He had planned and that you were able to have those amazing years in the place and with the people you longed for, doing what you love. Now that a new part of your story is about to begin, I’m really excited to see what God has in mind for you!
  • You are a beacon of GOD’s love on this earth and it has been a privilege to know you and have served alongside you. Any time spent with you been so much FUN and always full of LOVE. Your care and gentleness is an inspiration to all. You may never know how many lives you have touched – babies, toddlers, children, mothers, families, Doctors, nurses, people on buses and in shops, friends, and extended family…but God knows, God sees all, and His heart must be bursting with joy for all you do.
  • Dear Katie, it was a a beautiful blessing getting to know you. Seeing all the love and dedication you have and pour to the children & babies at the hospital and Budila was an inspiration to all of us
  • Thank you for being such a sweet friend to us. You will surely be missed here!
  • Over the years Romania has captured my heart and you are one of the many reasons why! Your kind heart and beautiful soul make me want to strive to be a better person every day. There are a lot of children who have experienced a wonderful love just because of you.
  • Katie, those babies will miss you! You gave so much of yourself, for so long, and to so many children.  It must have been unbearably painful at times, yet you kept on and kept giving.  You are truly a vessel for the grace of God, and have let that grace pour through you to so many in need.
  • For many reasons I am thankful for Romania and I am thankful that it brought you into my life. You have loved so hard and I am blessed to be apart of such a wonderful season!
  • Katie you have taught me so much by your beautiful heart and I can’t wait to see how God will bless your life in these next seasons!