From Mentee to Mentor

If you’ve followed Firm Foundations Romania for any length of time you will know who Andreea is. For those just joining us, Andreea was the first person to go through our teenage mentorship program and was one of the first in her village to graduate high school. She is now attending university in the hopes of becoming a social worker, specifically so that she can help the people in Budila and similar villages.

We are extremely grateful for Andreea and we are so proud of the woman that she is becoming. She loves the Lord and she has taken such wonderful strides in her relationship with Jesus. The fact that she seeks Him above all else is further proof to us that God has his hand over Firm Foundations Romania.

With the teenage program growing rapidly we have had to expand to two separate apartments for the girls and we are very happy to announce that Andreea will be the new “den mother” to four of our teens who are attending high school in Brasov.

We have every confidence in Andreea as she takes on this new role and we know that the girls she will be mentoring already look up to her as a role model.

We thank God for the continued success of all of our programs and we humbly ask for your prayers for these young women!

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