Thank you to everyone who helped make Christmas extra special for these precious kids and young moms!

This month our Teenage Mums celebrated Christmas with an end of year party. We got into the festive feeling decorating a Christmas tree, which the toddlers even helped decorate (after knocking baubles off a couple of times!), then we hunted for chocolate santas, ready for St Nicholas day which is on 6th December in Romania, and played a game of ‘pass the parcel’, which Mums and babies all loved. We finished off watching a video of Romanian kids acting out the Nativity story, and by passing out gifts for the Mums and their kids, including donated blankets, very kindly sewn with each kids name. A very special personalized gift for them all.

It’s always a pleasure spending time with these Mums and babies and we look forward to seeing them again in the new year!

~ Sarah Peters, Teen Mums Project Manager

As the month of December approaches, the children from the After School Program and Kids Club get very excited. It is the time when we start to teach them new Christmas songs, and start practicing the skits for the Christmas program we do each year. The Bible stories are all about the gift of God given to us on Christmas, about the Savior who came to save us all.

Every year the children from both programs receive Christmas shoe boxes. It is probably the only gift they receive and for many of them it is the only one throughout the year.  I believe one of the highlights of their Christmas is the Christmas show we do with them at the Cultural Hall, on a real stage, when they are on the stage performing in the front of their community and FFR’s stuff members and volunteers. Their excitement is great and the same their Joy!

On Christmas day, the children from the village use to go caroling from door to door in Budila and many of them go in Brasov to receive sweets and money to buy food for the family. Most of them hardly have the basic food on their tables on Christmas day.  Every candy or cookie makes them very happy and they find their joy playing in the snow and making sledges out of sticks and plastic bottles.  It is hard to believe how the simplest things can bring them more joy than the children who have a lot of things usually have.

~ Silvana Hagiu, After School Program and Kid’s Club Manager