Happy Birthday! It’s a Celebration!

Do you remember as a child how exciting it was when your birthday was approaching? You’d start counting down the days, planning your birthday party, and making a list of what you were asking for. Then when the birthday past, the first question was „how long until my next birthday?“

Can you imagine not knowing your birthday or ever celebrating? It’s a hard concept to grasp, but many children in the village don’t know when their birthdays are and have never celebrated this special day. Some of the children don’t even know their own age.

At the After School Program, we know how important it is for a child to know his or her birthday and to know that he or she is special enough to be celebrated for being alive! Once a month we have a party for all the children who had birthdays in that month. The children get so excited and feel so loved. It’s a joyous occasion, filled with cakes and balloons and even party hats. So for all the children in our After School Program who will be celebrated this year, Happy Birthday!

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