Good Morning Guildford! FFR Presents at a Women’s Breakfast.

Melanie Gray, a returning volunteer at Firm Foundations Romania, invited Sarah Vienna to speak and sing at her church’s Women’s Breakfast. Sarah had the opportunity to share her testimony of how she followed God’s calling which led her to Romania. The event was meant to inspire and affirm the women in England to follow God’s calling.

Want to be updated with FFR? Check out this newly made video for 2017!

What a wonderful year FFR had in 2016. Over 70 volunteers from 10 countries came to provide love and care for the babies in the hospital. We increased our After School Program team to four Romanian teachers and now have 130 children being helped. The Kid’s Club continues to grow with up to 13 children coming. And we started a program in Budila for Teen Moms.`God continues to provide and we are so thankful. We look forward to seeing what is in store for 2017 and we thank you for your continued support!

Check out our new video (an update on FFR projects):

Update on Sofia

0530161059aA few weeks ago we sent a prayer request for Sofia, a baby in the hospital who has a life threatening heart condition. The past weeks have been rough for Sofia as she wasn’t feeling very well and there were rumors that she might just be sent home as nothing else could be done. However, on Tuesday new news was delivered… Read more

Entertainment in the hospital

For those of you who know Steffi (vice president of Firm Foundations Romania), you probably also know her daughter Beca. Beca is originally from the Roma village Budila where we host our Kid’s Club and After School Program. We’ve known her biological family for years and have had the privilege of working with her younger brother Robert. For reasons unknown to us, Robert has been in the Children’s Hospital for the past few days, but he is still in good spirits! While Robert is bringing lots of laughs for the volunteers, we are glad that there are volunteers to brighten his day and give him the attention that every child desires.

The video can also be a short Romanian lesson of animal names. How many can you figure out?

Shampoo to the Rescue

We’ve all been there – you walk into your hotel room, take a look around, is there a fridge? What about a safe? How about an iron or a hair dryer? The hotel you book will determine the amenities that come with it.

One thing is almost always constant, however, and those are the travel size shampoos, conditioners, soaps and lotions that come nicely wrapped in your hotel bathroom.

Whether or not you decide to use these items or pack them up and save them for later matters not, they are a hot commodity simply because they are handy and easy to bring along.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret, though. Those soaps, shampoos, lotions and conditioners are the perfect size for the bundles we put together for our Mom’s Project.

Maybe you don’t use the toiletry items provided, or maybe you pack them thinking you’ll use them later but simply end up with a stockpile that you don’t know what to do with. We’re asking that you consider us the next time these convenient shampoos and soaps come in to your possession.

If you are interested in donating these travel size items to Firm Foundations Romania to be used in the bundles that we hand out to the mothers in our Mom’s Project, please contact Heather   Zorzi at:

Party With A Purpose

the season for eggnog, cookies and parties galore. It’s also the season
for family, giving and goodwill. We were blessed to be the recipient of
such goodwill in Raleigh, NC where an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party was
held in honor of Firm Foundations Romania.
Zorzi family – Heather and Abrianna Zorzi being volunteers for FFR –
threw a lovely house party, inviting all of their friends to come
celebrate the season while also giving back.
and drink were flowing, neighbors chatted and played games and a good
time was had by all. Halfway through the evening, Sarah Vienna, Heather
Zorzi and Jennifer Peterkin were able to share about FFR and sing one of
Sarah’s songs, “Seeds For Destiny”.

something as simple and fun as a house party we were able to get people
together, share about Romania, raise funds and recruit new volunteers!

Part Of The Family, By Katie Greiner

Volunteering in the Brasov Children’s Hospital, we have the
opportunity to care for so many precious babies and toddlers. With some of
these little ones, we don’t know their names, where they come from, or anything about
them. With others, we know their families well and have watched their older
siblings grow up in and out of the hospital when they were small. Whatever the
background, though, we are there to fill in the gap and love them for as long
as they are in the hospital.

 One family we have all gotten to know well over the past few
years, is that of Constantin and Stefan. Constantin is now about 4 ½ years old
and Stefan recently turned 2. Many of our volunteers will remember these boys
as they were in and out of the hospital many times over their first couple of
years. Stefan still comes in now and then whenever he is sick, but not so much
as when he was small. They also have a 12 year old brother, Alex, who has been
in the hospital a few times, and a 17 year old brother.
One of the things that has set this family apart is how they
will all come together to drop off or pick up one of the boys, and so we have
been able to meet the parents, grandmother, and oldest brother at these times. We
would greet them whenever we saw them, and often bring clothes, shoes, and toys
for the boys. Over the past year or so, we’ve gotten to know them more and they
now come to our office to see us anytime they are at the hospital. There is a
small box of toy cars that we keep on hand for visits like this, and the boys
know that they can choose one any time they stop by. The family is very poor,
so the clothes and shoes that we are able to give them from the donations that
we receive has been such a blessing to them and they are so grateful. How
wonderful to be able to fill bags of clothes for them, put new shoes on their
feet, and bundle them up in warm coats and hats!
Watching these boys grow up and getting to know all of their
family has been one of my best experiences here. Constantin was born 1 week
before I moved here in 2011, so I have been able to measure my time here by his
growth. I had no idea when I first met him as a little baby that he and his
family would become so special to me and that I would get to watch him grow up
outside of the hospital setting. That I would someday be “Tanti Caty” to him
and his brothers, and a friend to their mom. Hearing the three younger boys
running towards our office and knock at the door, excitedly calling my name,
and then just about getting knocked over by them throwing themselves into my
arms for a hug makes my heart burst with love every time. It is such an amazing
gift to be here and be an Auntie to these boys!
Thank you to all of our volunteers who have given your love
and time to these precious boys and to so many other little ones in the hospital.
If any of you are considering volunteering in the future, come on out! These
babies and kids need your love and will change you forever. 


Romania Fara Orfani by Sarah Peters

Sarah Peters is one of FFR’s interns. She, along with fellow intern Izzy Hathaway, manage the volunteer apartment, help organize donations, supervise shifts in the hospital and lend helping hands wherever they are needed. We are so thankful for our interns!

This November, Izzy, Rachel
and I had the privilege of attending a conference organized by the
alliance Romania Without Orphans. At the conference, we heard from
Romanian politicians, a director of social services, social workers,
families who have adopted, charity workers, church pastors and young
adults raised in institutions, now supporting other orphaned and
abandoned children.
Here discussions revolved around these views:

  •  Children should not be raised by the state, but in a family.
  • Adoption
    is not currently viewed as a priority by many in Romania, so we need to
    motivate a culture of adoption across Romania, to care for the children
    in institutional care.
  •  All children have a voice, and where some children may have lost theirs, we should help them find it.
  •  Children who have experienced trauma in their lives need love, support and safety – all children deserve that.
  •  Supporting
    families so they don’t have to leave the country for work, or abandon
    their children, putting preventative and early intervention models in
  •  ‘Because God cares about the orphaned and abandoned children, ‘si noua ne pasa’, we also care.
was a wonderful opportunity for us to network with other people working
in Romania with the same heart, and it was so inspiring to see so many
people, especially Romanians, committing to working towards ‘Romania
fara orfani’, Romania without orphans.