“Finding The Dream” Musical

Sarah Vienna had the opportunity to play Maria in a musical production called “Finding the Dream: The True Story of the Von Trapp Family,” which was part of an FFR fundraiser dinner and complimentary show. Written and directed by Beth Pile of Crooks Memorial UMC in Yorktown, Virginia, the well known story was told from the perspective of Maria’s descendants. Click on the video below to see some fun clips and highlights of the performance!

What a great way to get the church and community involved while sharing about the mission of Firm Foundations Romania! Would you be interested in hosting a similar event to help raise funds for FFR? If so, please contact mail@firmfoundationsromania.com.

Farewell to the Fantastic Fiat!

Everyone who has worked with or volunteered with Firm Foundations Romania knows how much vice president Steffi Vogel loves babies, people, and animals. One other thing that Steffi loves, and everyone knows about, is her Fantastic Fiat Doblo. This much beloved car became like family and Steffi often refers to it as her baby, talking to the car, not letting people make fun of the car, and reminding everyone just how fantastic it is!

And it really is a fantastic car: fitting up to 20 banana boxes of donations to be given to the hospital or various centers, fitting over 100 shoe boxes each Christmas for the children in the After School Program, being used as an “ambulance” to drive healthy babies back to their parents in Budila, driving teenagers into town for a fun day in the city, and being able to fit three mattresses to transport to the volunteer apartment. The car has been greatly appreciated and very well used.

The Fantastic Fiat also comes with its share of memories, like the time the sliding doors wouldn’t open in the freezing cold so the FFR Board of Directors had to all pile in through the front passenger door and climb to the back. Or trips up to Pestera, a nearby village with beautiful scenery, that one time ended in the car not starting and another time ended with the keys being lost (and miraculously found by a stranger and left at a hotel). Or Steffi driving six hours in a snowstorm to pick up shoeboxes and by the end of the trip, she thought the windshield wipers were worshipping angels.

Since 2006, the Doblo has been serving the Romanian people and will continue to do so, but not with FFR. The many trips of moving donations and volunteers has taken its toll on the car, and we have made the decision to part ways. It is with sadness that we say farewell to the Fantastic Fiat but with pleasure, the car is being passed along to very close friends so it’s staying in “the family”… and keeping its FFR license plate.

Precious Moments – Volunteer Testimony

Volunteering for 5 weeks with Firm Foundations Romania was one of the most heartwarming and special experiences I have ever had. Caring for babies in need in the hospital, helping out at the After School Program in Budila and meeting all of the wonderful people driven by love and compassion was absolutely amazing.

When I first arrived I had such a strong sense of calm and despite Brasov being somewhere I had never been before, it felt so familiar like a second home. Everyone in FFR is so welcoming and dedicated, understanding and accepting. The foundations of this organisation are grounded in love and compassion. The wonderful people of FFR act upon their love for God and their actions are straight from the heart. Nothing warmed my heart more than holding and singing to the babies and nothing broke my heart more than leaving the babies at the end of a shift.

Overall, my time in Brasov is a collection of small moments that are so precious that they will remain with me. Thank you for this opportunity – I will be back!

~ Written by Merran from Scotland

Life Changing Years

“How does one sum up two life changing years? It’s hard to believe that it was actually two whole years and that it has slipped passed already. My time in Romania was filled with lots of memories. Many paths were crossed both with volunteers from different parts of the world and littles who left footprints on my heart.”    ~ Kayla Christophel

Thank you, Kayla, for your heart for Romania and the children that you loved here. You were a blessing, and we appreciated having you on the FFR team. May God bless you in all your future endeavors, and please come back and visit us soon! 

Interview With The Goodness Chick

Erin Lawler Patterson, Goodness Chick, is a parenting coach for those raising pre-teens and teens chatting about mental health, drug trends and strategies to strengthen your teen and your relationship with them. Erin is an author, high school addictions counselor, motivational speaker, mom and world traveler.

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It Made a Difference For That One

I volunteered over the past year at an institution for children with severe disabilities. Each day I had the privilege to spend time with the children who live there and the staff. I was able to get to know the children’s individual personalities, and the specific activities that each of them enjoyed.

Summer Camp in Budila – “From Romania to Australia”

So I said ‘yes’.  And then I panicked. What had I got myself in for? Running a summer camp in a village? I didn’t even speak Romanian! What was I thinking? I was no dance, music or art expert and I had never ventured into village life since moving to Romania.

Babies, Children, Donations, and Building Project Fills Up a Week!

It is always such an encouragement to have volunteers join us in loving these precious babies and children! We recently had a team of 7 from Virginia, and what a blessing they were to us and the little ones we serve, and how special for Kayla to have her parents here! From taking care of […]

Summertime in Romania

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