Celebrating Another Year of Kids Club and After School

Every year at the end of school, we hold a graduation for our students as a way to celebrate them as they move on to the next step. We had 130 students in grade 0-7 in After School and 11 preschoolers in Kid’s Club, and we are so proud of each and every one of […]

Isus Mă Iubește! Jesus Loves Me!

We love our Kids Club kids! Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, they come to us for 2 hours and we get to play, sing, share a Bible story, have a snack, and do some kind of craft with them.

“Joy, Joy, Joy Down in our Hearts” for our Graduates!

The end of the school year is an exciting time with our annual graduation ceremony! The After School Program had 130 children graduate into the next school year. Each class, along with the Kid’s Club kids and the Teen Mums, performed a song or a skit. What a wonderful year for our students and teachers. Congratulations to each and every one of you. We sing proudly that we have the “joy, joy, joy, joy down in our hearts!”


Happy Birthday Steffi!

Who doesn’t love a good birthday party? This is one of the favorite activities for our kids in Kid’s Club. It’s hard to resist those candles and contain the excitement! Read more

Ways to Donate for Educational Projects

Want to get involved with Firm Foundations Romania? While not everyone has the opportunity or time to come volunteer, there are other ways to help. Our projects run successfully by people giving and donating much needed items and supplies. Read more

Preschool Joys!

This past Tuesday our Schoolhouse in Budila opened up again to start a new school year for our Kids Club children. Kids Club is a preschool-type program for kids between the ages of 4-6, teaching them Bible stories, manners, hygiene lessons, and of course giving them time to play and have fun. Eight kids attended this first time, regardless of it being rainy and cold outside, and the program started! We are happy to say that new kids have joined the group and Silvana Hagiu, who is also the ASP manager, is now leading Kids Club with the returning help of Steffi and Katie.
It was wonderful to start again and the kids were excited to play, sing, practice their new Bible verses and listen to the story. Please keep this project in your prayers. Pray for the current and future children, that the right ones will join the program and their hearts will be touched, and for the team running the program.


Celebrating the Children

In Romania, June 1st is Children’s Day! Celebrations take place all over the country to make the day special for the children. The play therapists in the hospital organize games and events, such as face painting, magic shows, and balloons. This year we helped by providing 200 bananas for the kids to have a healthy snack for the day. In the After School Program, we let the kids have some extra play time, including using the parachute and playing kickball. But the best part of the day was the surprise ice cream that each class was able to enjoy! The Kid’s Club kids each received some special gifts for the day, like stuffed animals and umbrellas.

Our teachers and volunteers know how special the children are that we have the privilege to work with daily, but it’s still fun for everyone to have a special celebration and for the kids to be reminded just how loved they are!

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Kids Club Pizza Party!

Last week we embarked on a new experiment for our Kids Club children. What is more than normal for any other child was a first time experience for all the children in the program…not a single child in Kids Club has ever eaten pizza before in their lives!