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Through the Eyes of a Volunteer – Autumn Black

This devotional was written in Romania, about mid-week through our journey. I focused primarily on those current needs of our team, who were growing weary of working, but not sharing the gospel by word-of-mouth. I hope that it might give you a fresh perspective or a simple reminder of what our job is in evangelism. […]

Homes in Budila

Some of you may know that we are looking for a team to come on very short notice to help build a house in the village before the winter months kick in. If you’ve been following our page you’ll likely know that getting the land for this house has been a bit of a struggle, […]

Play Ball!

Football that is…You’ve seen pictures, but here’s a video of our Budila guys playing soccer with some of the Firm Foundations Romania team! Aren’t they good?

Jesus, Thank You for the Food

This song is sung before snack time at Kid’s Club. The song, which literally translates to “Jesus, thank you for the food”, was written by FFR’s president Sarah Berchtold. While the song is simple in execution it is perfect for our kids to remember – they love to sing!

Abandon Fear Campaign

WHAT IS ABANDON FEAR? The Abandon Fear campaign is Firm Foundation Romania’s first ever awareness campaign. Through this video we want to know – can you help us abandon fear and embrace hope?  THE GOAL is simple. All we want to do through this campaign is raise awareness through social media. We serve an underserved […]