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A Future and a Hope

Word of our After school Program has spread throughout the village of Budila. One of the ladies, Lidia, who works at Town hall met a boy from her daughters school who is a talented artist. Lidia asked him the question, “how do you see the After School Program for disadvantaged children?” So the boy thought […]

Celebrating St. Patrick!

Anyone who has been to Brasov over a holiday knows that we here at FFR love a good excuse for a get together, especially one with a theme! Here’s a little taste of how we embraced our inner Leprechaun this year and years past!

The More Romanians the Merrier!

Ever since the Hospital Project began we have been praying for more Romanians to become involved in what God is doing through FFR. Today at the hospital came the realization that these prayers are being answered! God continues to bring more and more native Romanians to become a part of this mission, with hearts fixed […]

Is that the Lollipop Guild?

There are moments working in Romania that are difficult, tiring and serious, but it is important in all circumstances to remember that, the Joy of the Lord is our strength. (Neh 8:10) In 1937 Larry Morey wrote the famous song “Whistle While You Work”, well, we like to take that a step further. This little […]

The Joys of Living in Romania!

Living in Romania is awesome! Day to day being immersed in a different culture is fun, full of adventure and challenging all wrapped into one. So for those of you at home, we thought it would be fun to give you a little peak into everyday life here in Brasov. This is a segment we like […]

An Update On Our New Foundation Center!

In January, Budila Town Hall gave FFR a space to be used as an education centre to serve children in the community. Children who attend school, but need extra help with their studies, now have a place to come and receive tutoring, encouragement and the opportunity to learn about God’s love for them. Here is […]

Giving Thanks

by Alisha Sidebottom; FFR Hospital Project Coordinator I have to say while living in Romania there are many things to be thankful for. Being surrounded by highs and lows of Romanian life has strengthened me to know and trust who my solid rock is, it may sound cliche but it’s the truth “on Christ my […]

Touching Strangers

by Mary Lynne Mountjoy The woman wept. She had never had a coat before. Her boy loved his new sweater and would wear it to school the very next day. But it was more than that. The husband was also visibly moved. It was such a simple thing to give a bag of clothes. We […]

Give God the Glory

Our Kid’s Club kid’s singing “Rise & Shine (and give God the glory)”. Isn’t it awesome to see songs that we learned in Sunday School being learned in other countries so that other kid’s may learn about Jesus?