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The Gardening Project

And then came COVID. Romania was under complete lockdown for two months. In order to help the children and families in Budila, FFR planted a garden on the newly purchased land. Vegetables like carrots, beans, onions, lettuce and lots and lots of potatoes were planted by the After School Program teachers and volunteers. What a […]

FFR Board visit

Showtime! Some of the FFR board members came from America to Brasov for a brief visit and were able to see the land in person. They instantly saw the potential of this land. They left enthusiastically to get this new endeavor underway, and also with pockets full of walnuts from the walnut tree!

“Finding The Dream” Musical

Sarah Vienna had the opportunity to play Maria in a musical production called “Finding the Dream: The True Story of the Von Trapp Family,” which was part of an FFR fundraiser dinner and complimentary show. Written and directed by Beth Pile of Crooks Memorial UMC in Yorktown, Virginia, the well known story was told from […]