This year with our young Mums in Budila, we have spent time reflecting on God’s love, the Fruit of the Spirit, and young characters in the Bible God used to achieve big things for His Kingdom. We’ve celebrated birthdays, had some pampering, visited their homes, and had more visits from the head nurse and social worker from the hospital to answer the girls’ questions.

It’s been such a blessing to spend time with and get to know these Mums and their babies, and after 2 years together, we have made the difficult but hopeful decision, as these young women reach their 20’s, to gift them with the scrapbooks they’ve been making, to equip them with Romanian Bibles and to present them each with a certificate, as they move on from their time with us. 

Please join us in continued prayer for these families, that they will continue to grow in knowledge and understanding of who God is and His love for them, that that understanding will bring transformation to their lives and the whole village, and that they would look to Him to be their refuge, strength, hope and provider.