Stefanie (Steffi) Vogel

Steffi is from Germany and came to Romania in 2002. While homeschooling a German boy whose parents were missionaries in Brasov, she met Sarah who helped her get a volunteer pass to the state-run orphanage for children under the age of 3 years.

While volunteering at the orphanage, Steffi fell in love with a little girl named Roxana. She first took Roxi in placement in 2004 and began to work towards her adoption. After four long years, Steffi completed the adoption in 2008! During this time, Steffi volunteered alongside Sarah in the hospital working with the abandoned and semi-abandoned children left in their cribs.

During the years, Steffi took out two more children who had been left for months in the hospital and she is currently working on adopting both of them. “There is nothing more satisfying and touching to me than making a sad and lonely baby smile and feel loved.”