Ramona Scrob

My name is Ioana-Ramona Scrob. I am from Câmpeni, Alba County, and I graduated from the College of Law and Social Sciences, with a specialization in Occupational Therapy at the University “1 Decembrie 1918” Alba Iulia in 2019. I am currently continuing my studies in Management and Design of Social Services and Health. Because I love children, during college I volunteered at several centers for the recovery of children with disabilities, as well as at family-type orphanages. I loved working with children from the very first moment and today I don’t see myself doing anything other than this. I came to Brasov with the hope that here I will continue what I started during college, namely to change the lives of children with disabilities or who are disadvantaged. This opportunity was offered to me by FFR, and I am convinced that together we will succeed in changing children’s futures through education and involvement. “Children are the future, but the future also depends on their education.”