Melanie Gray

I had wanted to volunteer overseas since 1978 but the time never seemed right –  my career and then my children came first and I needed to earn money! However, the plight of children in Romanian orphanages left me heartbroken in 1991 and I knew immediately when I came across Firm Foundations Romania in 2014 that I wanted to go and ‘make a difference’ if I could. I’ve learnt that it is never too late. I felt such love and compassion as I held the babies in the hospital and the children in the orphanage and saw the poverty of the Roma community first hand that I wanted to do more. I’ve now made seven trips as a short-term volunteer and in between visits I’ve raised money and sent out baby clothes, blankets, rucksacks and wheelchairs!  I feel truly blessed that Firm Foundations Romania has provided me with this opportunity to do ‘small things with great love’ and make a difference to the lives of some of the poorest children in Europe. Thank you so much Sarah, Mary and Steffi.