Ioana Vintila

My name is Ioana. I am from Campulung Muscel, but I have lived in Brasov for 7 years and I love this city! I graduated the only faculty that fits me, with a degree in “Letters”.
I worked as a Romanian teacher for two years in schools with Roma students – Tarlungeni and Budila. It all started at the kindergarten when I stayed after the program. The educators were trying to convince me to go home because the program is over and all the kids are leaving but I did not want to. Then during my general school my father bought me a blackboard and I was just waiting to get back home from school to teach my younger neighbors.
I don’t see myself doing anything else outside of working with kids. I empathize with them and enter their world …. I like to think I am the right person in the right place. Working with children and people in FFR is God’s response to my request to work with underprivileged children who need help and hope. I feel blessed to be in FFR!