Daniela Andreea Constantin

I am from the village of Budila. After graduating from secondary school, I continued high school in Brasov, making the daily travel from Budila to Brasov. My parents have been supporting me financially, but it was quite difficult for them. Fortunately, my cousin told me about Firm Foundations Romania, where I was accepted into the teenage program.

I was provided with the opportunity to live in Brasov from Monday to Friday, which helped me greatly because I had more time to learn. In my opinion, the most important thing that happened to me through FFR was the fact that I met Juliana, who led a Bible study for us, and I learned the truth about God. Juliana invited me to Greater Grace Church where I felt the Lord Jesus filled me with grace. It was wonderful, and I decided to follow Jesus Christ.

I graduated from high school and am working with Firm Foundations Romania in the After School Program in Budila. I really like working with children and I’m glad I can help others like I was helped. And all of this is due to the leadership of the foundation, due to the fact that they allowed their hears to be molded by our Lord Jesus Christ, and they loved us.