Cristina Damian

Ever since I was little I liked to take care of other children. Growing up, I had the chance to watch over some of my younger cousins ​​and nephews, this confirming that I love working with children, I love looking after them and I like to believe this will contribute to their development as people, and my development into a better person too.

I always liked volunteering and the idea of ​​giving something back to society or contributing to a better future. FFR has given me the opportunity to combine my love of children and wanting to volunteer, with the hopes of making a difference in children’s growth as pillars of society, as future leaders, as people who will want to help the less fortunate, even with a hug.

And all this experience with FFR has made me a better person, teaching me to be more patient, capable to enjoy every single little moment and also made me realize the difference even a hug can make when it is needed.