Constance Mürle

My name is Constance Mürle, I’m 54 years old, married with Michael and mama of four grown-up children.

My birth name is Constance Coculeanu as my father was Romanian. He had come to Germany when he was a teenager. In 2010 I visited Romania for holidays. Shortly after I came across an article about Firm Foundations Romania. I was deeply moved by reading how these people get involved with the poverty and miseries of Romanian children and families.

My husband and I started to support this precious work. Two times I had the opportunity to work as a volunteer in the children’s hospital and to visit Roma-village Budila.

In 2014 I founded a non profit association called „Romanian Roots“ to give my support for FFR a better structure. Once a year I organize a transport campaign bringing to Brasov clothes, shoes, toys, sanitary articles and other things that are needed. In April 2017 it took place for the 4th time. And I’m very happy that „Romanian Roots“ was also able to pay for the transport of 45000 diapers from Germany to Romania.

It is fascinating to see that many things changed and are going to improve in the lives of poor people in Romania because there is a team that helps by believing in God and with love and heart.

I’m very happy to be a small part in making big differences.