A little bit of culture

For the past four weeks our volunteer activities have followed a bit of a theme. It began with a decision to make British scones, which we ate along with English tea and watching Pride and Prejudice. A super British night.

The next week, our Swiss volunteer, Sina, had some friends visiting from Switzerland so we decided to have a Swiss night. We enjoyed a delicious cheese fondue dinner, learnt some Swiss songs and ate lots of Swiss chocolate!

Internship co-ordinator and After-school programme leader, Rachel Titiriga, became a dual citizen with Holland this month, so to celebrate with her, the following week was a Dutch night. We found out the Dutch have a lot of cows and tulips and enjoy tasty pancakes. We also played ‘pin the sail on the windmill’.

To round it off, we welcomed back Swedish volunteer, Pauline, with a night of watching Mamma Mia and eating cinnamon rolls.

All in all, we have learnt a lot more about 4 different European countries (especially the food!) and had a lot of fun getting to know the volunteers better.

Written by Sarah Peters

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