Germany IMPACT Tour 2018 Update

Thank you for all your support, love, and prayers, as the 2018 tour in Germany went incredibly well. Sarah and Steffi were able to raise funds, recruit volunteers, while making new friends and contacts for who support FFR’s mission. Three newspapers posted an article about the tour as well! Check out the below video to see concert clips:

Sarah had many highlights from the tour, including:

“One big highlight for me was sharing a sermon at the Christus Gemeinde Pforzheim on Spiritual Adoptions based off from Romans 8:14-17 and Ephesians 4:4-7. We were all spiritual orphans until we became spiritually adopted through the Holy Spirit by our Heavenly Father. 

Leading worship singing Amazing Grace in three languages, English, German, and Romanian was a test of my language skills! Thank God singing in a different language is easier than speaking it at times! 

Singing “My Home Brasov” and seeing the Romanians in the audience whose home town is Brasov was very touching for me. It was a heart to heart moment of love and appreciation for the beauty of this city. Moments like these on stage will never be forgotten.”

Special thanks to Steffi Vogel for the amazing job she did translating from English to German, as well as sharing about FFR’s projects and needs. Steffi has such a great way of making people feel appreciated and loved.

Thanks also goes out to all who hosted and organized for this tour, as well as to the musicians and German Ambassadors who assisted with concerts and presentations. It could not have been done without you!

Blessings of Baby Clothes

Over the years, we have been so blessed with donations of clothes, shoes, and toys to pass on to those around us. One of the ways that we give these items out in the Children’s Hospital is through the Baby Closet. This is when we go to the moms who are staying with their little ones and bring toys, hygiene items, and clothes for their babies. We prepare bundles of clothes throughout the week, and then every Friday morning 2 or 3 of us go throughout a few of the wards to encourage the moms and bring these little gifts to brighten their day. Some of the moms have children who get sick often, so we get to know them after a while and visit throughout the week during hospital shifts. Their babies get to know us too and are so excited when they see us coming with the basket of toys! How sweet to be able to not only take care of the babies and toddlers who are there alone, but also encourage and bless the moms who are staying with their little ones?

Sometimes while going to the moms and their babies, we’ll also have toys for the older kids who are staying there alone. Recently, there was a 12 year old boy who came up to one of us in the hospital and said, “I know you! I was here when I was little and you gave me a toy!” Maybe a toy car doesn’t mean much to some, but to him it meant that we cared and that memory stuck with him. It was a good reminder to stop and visit with the older kids too, and since then we try to have more toys with us to give them.

Thank you to all who have donated so many wonderful items, and to our volunteers who have helped make and distribute these adorable bundles of clothes! You are a blessing to us and to so many families and children.

Finding the perfect place

After years of looking at different buildings and land in and around Budila, Caty Roos, FFR collaborator,
called Steffi one afternoon saying, “There is one more I saw online!”

Die Suche nach einem geeigneten Grundstück

Caty Roos, eine Mitarbeiterin bei FFR, hatte bereits mehrere Jahre verschiedenste Gebäude und Grundstücke in und um Budila besichtigt, als sie eines Nachmittages Steffi anrief und sagte: „Ich habe noch eines online gefunden!“ Bis beide jedoch in Budila eintrafen, war es bereits sehr dunkel und hatte zu schneien begonnen. Da es vor Ort keine Elektrizität bzw. Licht gab, vereinbarten sie einen zweiten Termin, um das Grundstück bei Tageslicht zu sehen. Beide sahen dann sofort, dass sie endlich das richtige Stück Land gefunden hatten!

Die Lage war perfekt und das Grundstück voller Bäume und sehr naturbelassen. Und es war ein Ort mit Geschichte. 3 Generationen einer Familie hatten hier ihre Kinder aufgezogen und mit ihren Hühnern, Schweinen und Kühen gelebt. Dieser Ort fühlte sich von Anfang an passend an!