FFR At The Circus!

Orlando’s Circus came to town and the FFR team made a day of it. From acrobats to clowns and everything in between, we had a blast!

The gang with Orlando of Orlando’s Circus!
Anxiously waiting for the festivities to start! We had great seats 🙂
Costel got to pet a llama!
Our fearless leaders take on the zebras
Orlando himself performed a gravity defying finale! Take a peek…

Bonding, Building & Pizza

Having the teenagers from our Teen Mentor Program living in Brasov is a great opportunity to get to know them on a deeper level, to develop individual friendships with them and to expose them to new cultures and new people – and vice versa!

That’s why, once a month, our FFR Interns plan a dinner night with the teens, inviting volunteers to join as well! On top of the relationship building aspect, it’s a great way for the girls to practice their English.

September marked the first “Dinner Night” – pizza was ordered, team building games were played and fun was had! It was really neat to see our teens bond with their flatmates and our volunteers. We’re already looking forward to the next one!

New Kids On The Block

Last week, we introduced you to our teens. This week we’re giving you a glimpse of Kid’s Club! Seeing their faces light up when we pull up to the schoolhouse, when they learn a new song, or when they get to play with a plethora of toys is such a joy. There are some familiar faces and some new ones, but either way we feel so blessed to have a group of kids that are excited to come learn about Jesus and sing His praises!