SARAH VIENNA: Germany Pre-Tour Favorite Moments!

Sarah and team have just arrived home in Romania from their tour through Germany, sharing music, stories of what God is doing in Romania and a message of hope. Many hearts were touched, and doors opened. What an amazing journey it has been! Here are some pictures of our favorite moments from the past two weeks!
Left: The two Sarahs! Meeting with Sarah Brendel, one of Germany’s most successful Christian recording artists. Right: Meeting with SCM-Haenssler, a top Christian publishing house and music distributor. 
Thank you to everyone who hung posters all over Germany! Right: Our first concert location, a church built in the 8th Century in Meimsheim. 
Radio interview at Antenne 1 in Stuttgart. 
Meeting and singing for Ralf Wieland, top booking agent.
Coffee with Judy Bailey and her husband patrick. So great to get advice from someone who has been in the Christian music scene for 20 years!
And of course the entourage! 
Stay tuned for more clips and updates from the trip, and check out Sarah’s website for more.

Jump on the Band Wagon, the Sarah Vienna Train is Leaving the Station!

Sarah is half way through a pre-tour through Germany to promote her new self titled album! So far it has been so successful, meeting some of the most influential people in music distribution, promotion and radio. There are so many exciting things to share as she preps for her last two concerts. Stay tuned to hear more about it, and check out Sarah’s website for more details!

Something That Everyone Should Experience: Apple Pie!

Our hospital supervisor, Alisha Sidebottom, has many talents. However many of you may not know that one of her most yummy and appreciated gifts is her ability to create the most delicious pies! Cherry pies, berry pies and lets not forget the king of all pies, the not so humble apple pie! Surprisingly, for something so delicious the ingredients for a pie are not hard to get your hands on here in Romania, but pie is not something they are known to make.

Left to Right: Ramona, Estera, Alisha, Ana & Codruta.
Assistent chefs, volunteers Maria (Sweden) & Elizabeth (USA).
So Alisha thought it was only right that she share this mouthwatering treat with our teen girls who are living in Brasov! Whenever we have the chance we like to include the girls in a cooking lesson (something international, usually from all of our wonderful volunteers from around the globe). It’s like international day at school, but with someone actually from the countries your studying! 
It is an amazing opportunity to broaden the world view of these girls. Even coming out of the village of Budila to Brasov is a huge change and experience, but then to experience different cultures and traditions is a great way to show them the world. 

A Bright Heart in a Dark Place

I think this video speaks for itself…is it any wonder we love these kiddos so much?! 
We would love to have you come and meet this little one, and the many others who touch our hearts everyday here.