The Joys of Living in Romania!

Living in Romania is awesome! Day to day being immersed in a different culture is fun, full of adventure and challenging all wrapped into one. So for those of you at home, we thought it would be fun to give you a little peak into everyday life here in Brasov. This is a segment we like to call, “The Joys of Living in Romania”.

Staring Alisha Sidebottom & Raelene Schmalz

An Update On Our New Foundation Center!

In January, Budila Town Hall gave FFR a space to be used as an education centre to serve children in the community. Children who attend school, but need extra help with their studies, now have a place to come and receive tutoring, encouragement and the opportunity to learn about God’s love for them. Here is a first look written by Project Coordinator Madalina Ivan.

Lidia and Steffi lead the kids in some interactive songs.

We have 115 kids with ages from 6 to 16 years old, and they all come twice a week. If you’re wondering what it looks like for a child to spend 2 hours here, know that we always start with singing songs and the kids absolutely love it. I believe it brings so much joy to their hearts and you can see they really have fun while singing. Then we have a teaching about Jesus and we try to show the kids His love and how they can always talk to Him through prayer. After that we have a snack and do crafts that are related to a specific theme. With the time left we do all sorts of educational games or activities that help the children grasp the basic skills in Math, Romanian, English and other subjects they have in school.

Learning about Noah’s Ark

Why is this important for them? Because it makes a difference. It makes a difference when a child learns how to read and write. It makes a difference when they understand that they can have the opportunity to go to high school or even further. It makes a difference when a child learns even how to play and interact with other kids or adults, learns how to speak politely, learns how to share what he has and say thank you. And most of all, it definitely makes a difference when someone, as little as 6, understands that God loves him abundantly and He has a plan with his life.

Providing a safe place to learn and grow for the children of Budila.